Matt Freemantle

Prohibition Partners LIVE – Day Three Preview

After two exciting and content-packed days of discussions ranging from science and research to policy and reform, on Day Three we will be speaking with the very top brains from within the Business & Investment sector. Gain insider knowledge from the leaders who have done it all before. Day Three features 12 disruptive sessions, providing a unique look at the sector, entirely tailored to giving entrepreneurs, investors and operators a competitive edge in this rapidly-shifting market.

Prohibition Partners LIVE – Day Two Highlights

Day Two of Prohibition Partners LIVE was dedicated to global Policy & Reform. Asking some tough questions and opening up some heated discussions across five virtual stages. From Members of Parliament to leading anti Prohibition activists in the US, we heard from a truly inspirational range of speakers to spark the debate around the direction of reform.

Prohibition Partners LIVE – Day Two Preview

Prohibition Partners LIVE returns for Day 2. Hosting four days of disruptive cannabis debate from the most inspirational thinkers, leaders and pioneers within the global cannabis industry. We will ignite discussion on Day 2 with our Policy & Reform day, set amidst a volatile year of steps both forwards and backwards across the world. On November 18th, we are hosting a series of incredibly important & pertinent sessions to shine a light on the status of Cannabis & Psychedelics.