Prohibition Partners LIVE – Day Three Preview

Prohibition Partners LIVE - Day Three Preview - Business & Investment


After two exciting and content-packed days of discussions ranging from science and research to policy and reform, on Day Three we will be speaking with those at the very top of the Business & Investment sector within Cannabis. Gain insider knowledge from the leaders who have done it all before. Day Three features 12 disruptive sessions; entirely tailored to giving entrepreneurs, investors and operators a competitive edge in this rapidly-shifting market.


Our Business & Investment Day will kick off at 12:15 GMT with a preview of the day ahead and a round-up on the current state of the cannabis market introduced by MAZAKALI’s Founder and CEO Sumit Mehta and Prohibition Partners’ Co-Founder and Managing Director Stephen Murphy

Cannabis Asia

At 12:30 GMT, we will open the Cannabis Asia stage to introduce key experts who will help us get a better idea of what the next few years have in store for cannabis in China. Joining the Greater China Cannabis Opportunity panel are Brian Sheng Founder and CEO of Asia Horizon, Ean Alexander CEO of Altum International and Apple Zeng Co-Founder of SangMa Technology Holdings (Asia) Limited, who will act as moderator for the panel.

For the all important chance to network, attendees can head over to the ‘People’ section at 13:15 GMT 

Cannabis Europa

Want to become an expert investor but struggle to keep up with the fast-changing developments in the cannabis industry? Then head over to the Cannabis Europa Stage at 13:30 GMT for our in-depth panel Building a Cannabis Portfolio: The Do's, The Don'ts and the WTF's? We will be joined by David Bonnier founder of Enexis AB, a Stockholm investment company within the legal cannabis industry, Mitchell Baruchowitz, Managing Partner of Merida Capital Partners LLC, a private equity investment firm that invests for the development of the cannabis industry and Alan Jagolinzer, Professor of Financial Accounting and Head of the Accounting Faculty at the University of Cambridge. In this panel, our experts will guide our attendees through all the tricks, best practices and possible hurdles they might expect when entering the cannabis market. 

Next, at 14:15 GMT we delve into Top of the Stocks: Cannabis on the London Stock Exchange, speaking with the London Stock Exchange to understand the impact of the FCA update and what the industry can expect in 2021. Could London position itself as the future financial hub of the European cannabis industry? 

The next event on the Cannabis Europa stage will be at 17:45 GMT where we will find out who the new industry ‘unicorns’ are. No, it’s not all fantasy - join the fireside chat Cannabis Unicorns and Where to Find Them and delve further into what it takes to raise game-changing levels of capital in 2021. You will be joined by Ross Lipson CEO and Co-Founder of Dutchie, Karan Wadhera Managing Director of Casa Verde Capital and Prohibition Partners’ Stephen Murphy. 

Cannabis Americana 

The cannabis industry is one of the most innovative, disruptive and diverse. Join the Cannabis Americana stage at 15:30 GMT to find out who the key disruptors in the industry are and, most importantly, what we can learn from them. In Disrupting the Game, Business Insider Journalist and panel moderator Jeremy Berke will join David Kessler, Vice President and Head of Horticulture and Customer Success at Agrify and Kate Miller Co-Founder and CEO of Miss Grass and discover how they see things shaping up in the next 12-24 months.

Next on, at 16:00 GMT don’t be tricked by this panel’s name - this is not a break - it’s your chance to find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about cannabis infused drinks and their disruptive effects on the alcohol market. In Time at the Bar for Alcohol? we will hear from drinks industry leaders and the pioneers in the infused beverages sector on what the future of the beverage industry looks like. Joining us will be Josh Lizotte CEO of Rebel Coast Wines and Terry Donnelly Chairman & CEO of Hill Street Beverage Co. Ltd. This panel will be moderated by Bloomberg’s David George-Cosh

Now, for a well-deserved break and opportunity to network our attendees will be able to head over to the ‘People’ section at 16:45 GMT before jumping straight back into another exciting panel on the Cannabis Americana stage. 

At 17:00 GMT, join our panel and live Q&A Inside the Latin American Market to gain exclusive access to trends, opportunities and openings in this emerging market but also hear about the challenges one might face. Walking us through the do’s and don'ts are local experts like Carolina Nocetti, Medical Director of InterCan, Fabio Lampugnani Managing Director of LATAM Verdemed and Diego Felipe Navarro from FoliuMed. This panel will be moderated by Hector Gomes, Research Editor at Prohibition Partners. 

At 18:15 GMT we will be joined by Dan Klompstra from Sunens Farms and Brian Rice from Boveda for How to Master Post-Harvest Cannabis. Together, they will help us understand what water activity is and why it plays such an important role in terpene retention, microbial pollution, shelf life, and flower weight. This event will be moderated by Benjamin Patock from Boveda.

Closing the Cannabis Americana stage at 18:45 GMT, we will be looking at the future of cannabis in a world still affected by COVID-19. In this fireside chat we will be joined by the Co-Founder and CEO of Growth Jake Skinner in conversation with Prohibition Partners’ Stephen Murphy to answer key questions about how the industry can come together again and what we can look forward to moving ahead. 

For those looking to network, attendees will be able to join the ‘People’ section at 19:00 GMT 


We will be wrapping up Day Three at the PSYCH stage to find out the latest developments from the world of medicinal psychedelics. At 19:15 GMT, join our panel Mushrooms in the Media: Covering the Psychedelic Beat where some of the world’s leading figures in the psychedelic medicine industry will give us the latest developments from this fast-growing sector. Hear it directly from Forbes’ Abbie Rosner, Business Insider’s Yeji Lee, MARY Magazine’s Adrian Farquharson and DoubleBlind Mag’s Shelby Hartman

Closing our Business & Investment Day, we invite our attendees to join the panel When Mother Nature Becomes Big Business. With the financial boom in natural products containing cannabis or psychedelic medicines, we invite Keith Abraham the CEO of Heroic Heart Project UK, Victoria Hale Member of the Board of Directors at MAPS; Carlos Tanner Director of the Ayahuasca Foundation and Kuauhtli Vasquez a Spiritual Teacher and Healer to tell us a little bit more about the dangers of over-commercialisation and how to avoid it. 

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