Cannabis Europa

Cannabis Europa shapes the future of cannabis in Europe through thought leadership conferences, networking events and educational dialogues. Leveraging our industry leading expertise, network and knowledge, we provide the platform for politicians, business leaders and healthcare experts to initiate change at an international level.


Cannabis Americana

Cannabis Americana brings together leaders from the world’s most advanced cannabis economies to help share knowledge, insights and intelligence with the global market. Our two-day event will tackle the most important issues across the US, Canada and Latin America. Learn the latest developments in the push for federal legalisation in the US, discover the latest trends from Canada’s burgeoning adult-use markets and debate solutions to Latin America’s export issues.


Cannabis Oceania

Cannabis Oceania is accelerating change in the Asia-Pacific cannabis market with a highly curated one day programme tackling the most important developments across the region. Industry-leaders from Australia, New Zealand and leading Asian markets will share knowledge and insights, helping to accelerate growth, initiate change and bring new markets online in the Asia-Pacific market.



PSYCH: The Psychedelics Symposium brings together key stakeholders at the forefront of the psychedelics space to share unparalleled insights and intelligence. Leaders from the world’s of healthcare, science and business will present their latest findings and expert analysis on the state of the industry in unique locations across the globe. Join the leading researchers, investors and entrepreneurs that are shaping the psychedelics space for decades to come.



ProCapital will showcase highly innovative opportunities and leading insights within the plant-based medicine (PBM) world. Powered by MAZAKALI’s Digital Capital Platform, this event offers curated opportunities within the PBM space. Licensed Investment Advisors provide you with the education and tools you need to build an optimal investment portfolio across cannabis and psychedelics. If you are looking for capital, apply HERE to pitch your business to an audience of globally influential financiers. Applications close May 29th.


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