Edible Dee

Edible Dee

Executive Cannabis Chef, Author and Consultant, Edible Dee & The Happy Chef

Birth name Danielle Russell, Dee has been making edibles or medicinal edibles with cannabis from 2006 to present. In 2014 she published her first cannabis cookbook, The Happy Chef THC, in collaboration with hip-hop artist, patient and cannabis activist B-Real of Cypress Hill.

'The Happy Chef series' continued with, The Happy Chef expert cannabis cookbook and Delic Dishes, The Happy Chef's guide to cooking with Psychedelics.

In 2015, medical marijuana was legalised in the state of Nevada. Dee was the Executive Chef opening the first licensed MMJ Production Kitchen in the state of Nevada located in the fabulous city of Las Vegas. In 2016, Dee partnered with a Medical Cannabis Research company, worked in research, designing their production kitchen at their headquarters in Las Vegas as well as formulated their medical product lines.

Dee presently works as a Cannabis Consultant helping other brands, states and countries design their production kitchens, licensing her recipes, brand development, formulations, compliance and more. She helps spread awareness to the healing benefits of cannabis through her appearances on many advocate speaking panels as a keynote speaker and expert in her field.