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Andrew Ward

Journalist, Author and Branding Specialist, Andrew Ward Creative Content

Andrew Ward is a New York City-based author, journalist and brand writer focused on cannabis, psychedelics, sex, wrestling or whatever else is intriguing enough to write about.

For the past five years, Ward has covered the cannabis space, delving into a range of topics from criminal justice reform to investing. His work can currently be read on High Times, Business Insider, Benzinga and several other outlets. He is the author of "Cannabis Jobs" (2019) and "Marijuana Etiquette" (2021).

In addition to the news, Ward is a branding specialist, helping companies in cannabis and elsewhere achieve their goals through content marketing and other branding efforts. Past clients have come from a diverse range of cannabis sectors, including telemedicine and extraction.

With New York finally legalizing adult use cannabis, he eagerly awaits being able to tour facilities in his home state without it being a crime. While championing the rise of legalization, Ward hopes that the space will continue to advocate for inclusive efforts in the space, including pathways for the formerly and currently incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis offenses. He encourages all in the space to do their part to help further advance such causes in whatever capacity they can.

When not discussing cannabis, Ward can be heard tirelessly going on about his dog, Chelsea football club, horror films and pro wrestling. He's rather fun.