AnandaGuide Distributors, LLC, the international brand of American-based ChasMax Enterprise Engineers, Corp., is a strategically positioned purveyor of certified organic and premium hemp, CBD and medical cannabis products.

Implementing an education-first culture, AnandaGuide specialises in matching bespoke and niche cannabinoid-based nutraceutical products to each client’s needs using an expertly developed Individualised Care Solution (ICS).

‘It is vividly obvious that planet Earth is changing with each breath we consume, yet survival is achieved via innovative adaptation. As a Bronze Partner, AnandaGuide Distributors is honoured to support this collaborative, science-based and educational endeavour during a crucial juncture in recent human history. Cannabis Europa is implementing a page from the Cannabis plant’s evolutionary epic of survival.’ Charles A. Maxwell, Co-Founder/Owner of AnandaGuide Distributors, LLC.

AnandaGuide is a vetted member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, the National Association of Cannabis Businesses, and the Better Business Bureau. All staff are Master Cannabis certified and its senior leadership have a certificate in Cannabis Compliance and Regulations. The company is motivated to earn UK and EU hemp and cannabis industry certifications, a critical component of AnandaGuide’s focused commitment to global product safety and quality.

Representatives from AnandaGuide join the Cannabis Europa stream at Prohibition Partners LIVE to share their insight gained through the company’s work as a purveyor of premium cannabinoid products.

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