Champignon Selected as Headline Partner for PSYCH: The Psychedelics Symposium at Prohibition Partners LIVE

Prohibition Partners LIVE are pleased to announce Champignon Brands Inc. as the Headline Partner for PSYCH: The Psychedelics Symposium, taking place during Prohibition Partners LIVE on 22-23 June. 

Champignon Brands have quickly established themselves as industry leaders within the psychedelic sector, with a highly talented senior management team and impressive portfolio of healthcare assets. The company is currently pursuing the development and commercialisation of rapid onset, psychedelics-based treatments capable of improving the health outcomes of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and substance abuse disorders. 

“Champignon has quickly emerged as a leading participant within the psychedelics as medicine arena, from the development and deployment of rapid onset treatments, to novel drug discovery and the commercialization of ketamine delivery platforms, all while being supported by a well-known psychedelic medicine clinic platform and research centre.”“In the near term, we aim to continue to develop novel and disease modifying treatments for persons with depression, PTSD, and substance abuse disorder, as well as expand our clinical footprint via the establishment of new clinical entities across North America. PSYCH provides us with a validated venue to amplify our recent accomplishments and connect with our peers within the exciting and disruptive space of psychedelic medicine.”— Gareth Birdsall, CEO of Champignon.

PSYCH: The Psychedelics Symposium will be this year’s most significant psychedelics virtual event, bringing together major stakeholders at the forefront of the industry to share unparalleled insights and intelligence. Leaders from the worlds of healthcare, science and business will present their latest findings and expert analysis on the state of the industry in key locations across the globe.

Champignon Brands will be joining PSYCH during Prohibition Partners LIVE as the Headline Partner to share their unique viewpoints and insights gained through being one of the world’s leading figures in the space of psychedelic medicine. 

“The impact of COVID-19 has put greater emphasis on the importance of mental health. Consumers are looking for options to improve their mental health and as the body of evidence mounts for psychedelics, the healthcare industry is responding with solutions. We’re delighted to partner with Champignon Brands on PSYCH and support their vision of improving mental health via psychedelics.” — Stephen Murphy, Managing Director of Prohibition Partners. 

While cannabis has paved much of the way for psychedelics in terms of legal progress and changing public perception, the scientific knowledge base backing the use of psychedelics as medicines is already comparatively more powerful than that which sparked the medicinal cannabis movement. With some psychedelic substances showing promise in the treatment of high-prevalence mental health problems, such as depression and PTSD, psychedelics appear set to become the next major innovation in the field of mental health treatment.

Join us on June 22 – 23 to discover the latest developments in the psychedelics sector, learn from our world-renowned speakers, and engage with our network of industry-leading professionals who are pushing boundaries in the cannabis and psychedelics space.