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Shelby Hartman

Co-Founder & CEO, DoubleBlind Mag

Shelby Hartman is Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of DoubleBlind, a biannual print magazine and digital media company covering psychedelics and all they intersect with, from healthcare disparities to the climate crisis.

Her work has appeared in VICE, Quartz, the Huffington Post, and Rolling Stone, among others. Shelby worked in broadcast news production for CBS News, covering presidential elections, protests, natural disasters, and other breaking news. Spurred by a passion for print and investigative reporting, she transitioned to magazine writing, working as an editor at Pasadena Magazine and receiving her Master’s Degree in long-form journalism from Columbia University in 2015. Since then, Shelby has worked as a columnist at LA Weekly and an editor at Herb, the largest cannabis media company, with extensive features on post-traumatic stress disorder in the veteran community, the cannabis industry, the psychedelic research boom, and the popularization of ayahuasca.