Ross Lipson

Ross Lipson

CEO and Co-Founder, Dutchie

Ross’ career began 15 years ago when he founded one of the nation’s first online food ordering services. Finding success early on, his group scaled the service from coast to coast becoming one of the nations leading online food ordering services. He successfully exited the company in early 2008. He then moved his concept and team to Canada, to found Canada’s first online food ordering service, GrubCanada. GrubCanada scaled across Canada, quickly becoming a household name and the leading destination for online food ordering. GrubCanada was acquired in 2011.

Ross has since moved to Bend, Oregon. He has taken his expertise in online ordering and applied it to the cannabis space. He founded Dutchie, an online ordering service connecting consumers with local dispensaries, allowing online ordering for both delivery and/or pick up. Dutchie currently works with hundreds of retailers, facilitating thousands of orders to local dispensaries for delivery and pick up.

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