Roei Zerahia

Roei Zerahia

Co-Founder & Former CEO, Canndoc-Pharma

Roei is one of the Israeli veterans in the cannabis space, and a senior faculty member at the Israeli academy, with expertise in database optimization, these two fields pushed his last years’ research on optimization processes in the production of medical cannabis.

In the last decade Mr. Zerahia has been serving in senior management positions in CANNDOC (one of the first Israeli license producer, established in 2008). During this period, he acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the various fields of operation in the cannabis industry. During 2018, as the company’s CEO, Roei led the company to an acquisition by Intercure (INCR.TA) a pharmaceutical public company, and which became the first and biggest pharma grade cannabis company in Israel.

With a global understanding of the evolving cannabis arena, and as part of his agenda – Roei lectures globally, on different aspects of the cannabis industry. Roei was invited to speak in 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, regarding the future of the medical cannabis industry, and also gave a TED talk on his journey in the cannabis space.

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