Kuauhtli Vasquez

Kuauhtli Vasquez

Spiritual Teacher and Healer

Kuauhtli conducts traditional Xochitl in Cuicatl (flower and song), Danza (dance) and sweatlodge ceremonies, extensively practiced by the Aztec and Mexica prior to the Spanish conquest. Although a Temaztiani, a master and provider of Temazcal rituals, Kuauhtli also holds the esteemed Native American title of Spiritual Chief of the Teokalli Quetzalcoatl, representing the Native American Church.

Having harnessed the power of plant medicine for over four decades, Kuauhtli has been a devoted Temaztiani for the past 25 years. This dedication and commitment to preserving ancient culture and tradition has earned Kuauhtli widespread acclaim, and requests for his healing ceremonies from all four corners of the earth. Often these rituals include the use of peyote and other mescaline producing cacti, highly revered for their therapeutic properties.

A celebrated spiritual teacher and healer, Kuauhtli travels the globe to spread his wisdom on the nature of consciousness, personal transformation and regeneration through plant medicine. By sharing Mexica traditions with disparate cultures, Kuauhtli raises awareness of customs and civilizations few have the privilege to learn from.

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