Elana Goldberg PPL3

Elana Goldberg

CEO, The Cannigma

Elana has 15 years of experience in digital publishing and online content creation, spanning journalism, non-profit, and the private sector. She excels at educating audiences, sending clear messages, and developing industry experts into successful writers.

Elana ran the online operation at The Jerusalem Post for five years, after which she moved into the nonprofit sector, helping to build a positive news outlet, Goodnet.org. After a couple of years in performance marketing, she rediscovered her affinity for cannabis, and has spent the better part of the last two years digging into cannabis stories across the recreational-wellness-medical spectrum.

The Cannigma is the flagship publisher website in the CannBe network. The platform brings evidence-based information about cannabis to layman audiences - translating the science into language and formats that everyone who needs it can understand.