Dr. Olga Chernoloz

Dr. Olga Chernoloz

Chief Scientific Officer, Wake Network

As a trained neuropharmacologist and a registered pharmacist, Olga has held a number of roles in clinical trial management, drug development, biotech, and pharmaceutics. Dr Chernoloz is a specialist in the pharmacology of psychoactive compounds.

Olga has extensive experience in the cannabinoid arena: she has co-founded a biotech startup, developed and delivered educational modules for medical and adult cannabis and space in both academic and business settings. Olga also mentors participants of a cannabis startup accelerator.

Dr Chernoloz has developed a program for Continued Medical Education in Psychedelic Medicine.

Olga provides scientific advisory to companies in cannabinoid and psychedelic space. She is a Chief Scientific Officer at the Wake Network and a scientific advisor to Psychedelics Studies Research Group at the University of Toronto.

Olga is interested in the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids and psychedelic drugs in the treatment of mental health disorders and the improvement of quality of life in healthy individuals.

Dr. Chernoloz authored a number of original research articles and a chapter in an instructional book on Neurobiology of Mood Disorders.