Dr David Erritzoe

David Erritzoe

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry, Imperial College London

Alongside his clinical work in medicine/psychiatry as a post-CCT psychiatrist, David conducts psychopharmacological research, using brain-imaging techniques such as PET and MRI.

He was trained in PET imaging at Columbia University in New York and later undertook a PhD at University Hospital Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. Since 2009 he has been involved in post-doc imaging research in the neurobiology of addictions and major depression at Imperial.

He runs lab-based multi-modal brain imaging studies [often using pharmacological challenges] focusing on serotonin/dopamine/opiate neurotransmission as well as larger-scale prospective, naturalistic studies with online assessments and/or field-based data collection. Specifically, in the Centre for Psychedelic Research [where David is Clinical Director], studies are undertaken together with Prof Nutt and Dr Carhart-Harris, investigating brain mechanisms and therapeutic potential of MDMA and classic psychedelics.