Anna, Kaplan

Anna Kaplan

Co-Founder & CEO, SugarTop Buddery

Anna brings the experience of Art, Music and Community to the Cannabis Industry as founder and CEO of the SugarTop brands. SugarTop Buddery is a vertically integrated Cultivator, Distributor and Processor based in Eugene, Oregon known for high quality pre-rolls and SugarTop Buddery Indoor Flower. Anna is actively working to increase equity in the cannabis industry by representing a diverse group of business owners under the umbrella of SugarTop Distribution. This includes uplifting the community with innovative and collaborative strategies to incubate small businesses in her community. She sits on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Cannabis Association and has a mission to empower women in business, also serving as President to the local 501 C-6 Non-Profit Women Leaders in Cannabis and was also the founding chapter leader of Tokeativity Eugene. She joined the cannabis industry in late 2014 after moving to Oregon to launch the SugarTop Buddery brand with her brother Jarrod Kaplan. She was drawn to the industry as an opportunity to build something from the ground up, while also investing in a plant, a culture, and a movement that gives back to the community.

“Cannabis is a plant that elevates, heals and inspires, and brings people together just like art and music. The two feed one another and are profoundly linked through our connection to our inner selves and the outside world.”