Amelia Middlemiss

Amelia Middlemiss

Director of Project Twenty21, Drug Science

Amelia Middlemiss is the Project Director of Project Twenty21 hosted by Drug Science. Project Twenty21 is a registry aiming to monitor the health outcomes of 20,000 patients using cannabis-based medicinal products (CBMPs), creating the largest body of evidence in Europe for the safety and efficacy of CBMPs. Drug Science hope that the findings of Project Twenty21 will provide evidence for NHS funding where the benefits of treatment with medicinal cannabis are proven to outweigh the potential risks. Project Twenty21 is facilitating the relationships of licensed producers, private clinics and patient organisations so that Twenty21 is a truly collaborative Real-World Study, with patients access and data gathering as the motivation of all the stakeholders to enable funding from the NHS in the future.

Amelia is also the Director of Insides Out Ltd, developing educational tools around reducing harm from alcohol. Amelia spent 17 years in Pharmaceutical Sales, where her knowledge and skills were developed around the medical and health industry; working alongside GP’s, specialists, and commissioning bodies. Other roles undertaken are; Clinical Advisor around Medical Cannabis, Wessex AHSN Primary Care Demonstrator Site Programme Manager, Project Manager for the Reducing Harm from Alcohol programme at the Wessex AHSN.

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