Speakers: November 2020

Thank you to our influential speakers who appeared at Prohibition Partners LIVE, 17-20 November 2020.

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Former NBA Player & Non-Executive Director, MedMen
CEO & Co-Founder, Mendi & Former Professional Soccer Player
Rock & Roll Hall of Famer & Co-Founder, Mirayo
CA Assemblymember 18th District, California State Assembly
Director of Neuropharmapsychology, Imperial College London & Former Chief Drugs Advisor to the UK Government
Linn County Supervisor, Iowa National Delegate to the Democratic National Convention
Member of UK Parliament, SNP
United Nations Correspondent, Journalist, Global Drug Policy Analyst
Cannabis Alchemist & Author, Klaus
Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of Oxford
Environmental Consultant & Sustainability Coach, Colorado Department Of Public Health and Environment
Director Project Twenty21, Drug Science
Chief Operating Officer, Cann Group Limited
Political Director, NORML
Co-Founder & CEO, DoubleBlind Mag
Event & Programme Director, Prohibition Partners LIVE
Journalist, Business Insider
Associate Professor of Psychology, Greenwich University
Author of "Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion" & Journalist
Film Director, Mad Machine Films
Founder & CEO, Ball Family Farms
CEO, Rebel Coast
Former Professional Rugby Player & Professional Artist, Williamson Art
Co-Founder & Director, Sansero Life Sciences & Rise Wellness Retreat
CEO, Doc's Place International
Chief Medical Officer, Aleafia Health
Professor and Director of the Christchurch Health & Development Study, University of Otago Christchurch
Professor of Financial Accounting, University of Cambridge
Director, Ayahuasca Foundation
Professor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine
Board of Directors, The Last Prisoner Project
Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Curaleaf
Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry; University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Managing Director, Casa Verde Capital
Managing Director, European Industrial Hemp Association
CannaCraft Brand Manager, Satori Confections
Co-Founder & CEO, Miss Grass
Advocacy Director, PLEA (Patient Led Engagement for Access)
Author, Growing Weed in the Garden
Entrepreneurial Activist & CEO of 4THMVMT
Founder, Rainbow
Reporter, POLITICO
Chief Scientific Officer, Wake Network
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Papa & Barkley
Research Editor & Business Development, Prohibition Partners
Broadcaster & Journalist
Chief Strategy Officer, KannaSwiss
Co-Founder & CEO, Green Market Report
CEO, The Cannigma
Principal, Legal Market Strategies
Co-Founder & Exec Chairman, Field Trip Psychedelics Inc
CEO & Co-Founder, El Planteo
Group Managing Director, LYPHE GROUP
Senior Reporter, Business Insider
Senior Researcher, Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group
Member of Parliament, UK
CEO and Co-Founder, Dutchie
Researcher, Harvard & UCLA (ret)
CEO, Ronin Content
Cannabis Policy Correspondent, Forbes Magazine
Co-Director, Breaking Convention
Vice President Marketing North America, FIGR Brands Inc
VP & Head of Horticulture and Customer Success, Agrify
President, Unión de Pacientes por la Regulación del Cannabis
CEO, Drug Science
Lawyer, KFN+ Law Office
Medical Cannabis Author and Podcaster
CEO and Chairman of the Board, MediPharm Labs
Executive Director, Minority Cannabis Business Association
Director of Research, Fadiman Group
Reporter, BNN Bloomberg
Managing Partner, Merida Capital Partners
Head of International Relations, Boveda
Consulting Services Director, Prohibition Partners
Chief Technology Officer, AeroFarms
SVP, Manufacturing, Curaleaf
Research Fellow, Queen Mary, University of London
Journalist, VICE
CEO, Heroic Hearts Project UK
Research Fellow, Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities, University of Oxford
Chief Executive Officer, Asociación Colombiana de Industrias de Cannabis - Asocolcanna
CEO, Altum International
President, Psychedelic Medicine Association
Director Of Operations & Business Development, Field Trip Health
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
Co-Founder & CEO, Avicanna
Endocannabinologist & Scientific Director, Cannabiscienza
Cofounder & CEO, Hemp Horizons (Health Horizons)
Co-Founder & Director, Bombay Hemp Company
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Prohibition Partners
Co-Founder & CEO, Growth
Minister, Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Medical Director, InterCan - International Cannabis Academy
Reporter, Bloomberg News
Chairman & CEO, Hill Street Beverage Co. Ltd.
Founding Partner, Enexis AB
Co-Founder, Hempstreet
Member of the Board of Directors, MAPS
Industry & Data Analyst, Prohibition Partners
Former Ann Arbor City Council Member & Decriminalise Nature campaigner
Executive Cannabis Chef, Author and Consultant, Edible Dee & The Happy Chef
Cannabis Reporter, Politico
Co-Founder, SangMa Technology Holdings (Asia) Limited
Founder & Chief Creative Officer, MARY Magazine
Founder & CEO, Asia Horizon
Co-Founder and Former CEO, Canndoc-Pharma
Journalist, The Spectator
Chief Executive Officer, CanX CBD SRL
Managing Director, DEMECAN
Clinical Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry, Imperial College London
Senior Fellow, Governance Studies Brookings Institute
Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Regennabis
Policy and Advocacy Manager, New Zealand Drug Foundation
Freelance Journalist, Forbes