Prohibition partners LIVE November 2020

On November 17-20, we hosted our second global virtual cannabis conference to drive more innovation, disruption and change. 

Over 1000 delegates joined across all four days, giving attendees even more time to network. This resulted in more connections, conversations and live chat during the stream of our global agenda. 

Over 120 international pioneers, thought leaders and inspirational thinkers contributed to the global cannabis and psychedelics conversation; resulting in over 36 hours of agenda-setting content covering four major themes over four stages; Science & Research, Policy & Reform, Business & Investment and Culture & Innovation.

Speakers included;


November 17-20, 2020





PPL2 - Transformative Knowledge-05

Bringing you the most exciting scientific developments across the cannabis industry; sustainable farming, personalised medicine, artificial intelligence in the supply chain and many many more.

PPL2 - Transformative Knowledge-06

Politicians, healthcare experts and business leaders help shape the future of cannabis. How will the UN vote on CBD? Is federal legislation on the horizon? How do we build sustainable industries?

PPL2 - Transformative Knowledge-07

Giving entrepreneurs, investors and operators an edge in this rapidly-moving market.  Showcasing how cannabis is impacting the mainstream and identifying key commercial opportunities across the supply chain.

PPL2 - Transformative Knowledge-08

The cannabis industry is transitioning into the next stage of development. Explore how cultural icons and innovators are reading the market so you can stay ahead of the curve.