Previous speakers

A selection of some of the brilliant speakers from previous Prohibition Partners LIVE events.

Grammy-Nominated Performer & Netflix Presenter "Cooked with Cannabis"
Founder, Think BIG
CEO, Trulieve Cannabis Corp
Grammy Award Winning Musician & Cannabis Entrepreneur
Director of Neuropharmapsychology, Imperial College London & Former Chief Drugs Advisor to the UK Government
'Father of the Cannabis Industry', Chairman & Co-Founder, Harborside Inc
National Drugs and Alcohol Coordinator, Portugal
Director, Beckley Foundation
Chief Medical Officer, Awkn Life Sciences
Founder & Former CEO, Canopy Growth
Director, UDG Healthcare
Founder and Executive Director, MAPS
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Johns Hopkins University
Managing Director, Entourage Effect Capital
CEO, Mandala Global
CMO, Curaleaf
Managing Director, European Industrial Hemp Association
CEO, Maya Health
Founder, MindMed
MD, Canopy Growth APAC
CEO, TruTrace
Social Entrepreneur & Co-Founder, Think BIG
Chief Strategy Officer, KannaSwiss
CEO, Red Light Holland
Producer, Glastonbury Festival (Shangri La)
Broadcaster & Journalist
Principal, Legal Market Strategies
Founder, WeedWeek
Editor, Cosmetics Design Europe
Member of Parliament, Portugal
Co-Founder & CEO, Green Market Report
President, Federation of Self-Regulated Cannabis Associations of Catalonia
Executive Secretary, Global Commission on Drug Policy
Broadcaster & Journalist, BBC
Founding Partner, New Cannabis Ventures
Co-Founder & Exec Chairman, Field Trip Psychedelics Inc
Insights & Reports Director, Prohibition Partners
Member of the European Parliament
President and CEO, Canopy Rivers
General Partner, Arcview
Co-Founder & CEO, ATAI Life Sciences
Co-Founder and Former CEO, The Cronos Group
President and Director of Innovations, ICCI
Senior Reporter, Business Insider
Senior Researcher, Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group
Member of Parliament, UK
Group Managing Director, LYPHE GROUP
CEO, Champignon Brands
President and Founder, Hoban Law Group
Senior Policy Analyst, Consumer Choice
Co-Founder & CEO, BeCann
Co-Founder & CEO at Materia
Founder and Managing Partner, Zuber Lawler
Director of Scientific Affairs, Sanity Group
CEO, Ronin Content
Cannabis Policy Correspondent, Forbes Magazine
Co-Director, Breaking Convention
Founder, Cannakids & CK Soul
CEO, Co-Founder & Chairman, KushCo
Co-Founder & CEO, CREAM
Managing Director, BDSA
Founder and CSO, SIACOMEX Cannabis Division
CEO, Genius 100
CEO, Alphagreen Group
Partner, Altitude Investment Management
Founder & CEO, Aurelius Data
CEO and Co-Founder, Cannasouth Limited
Founder & Group CEO, CannAcubed
CEO, South West Brands
Director, Hempcorp
Co-Founder & CEO, National Cannabis Industry Association
Founder & CEO, Vialpando
CEO, Dr Cannabis
Senior Policy Analyst, Transform Drugs
Executive Director, NZ Drug Foundation
CEO, Memery Crystal
Chairman, SOMAI Pharma
Principal Consultant at FreshLeaf Analytics
Managing Director, BMO Capital Markets
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Cansativa GmbH
Partner, Altitude Investment Management
Co-Founder & CEO, Avicanna
Deputy Head of Pharmacology, University of Adelaide
Director of Global Cannabinoid Extension and Outreach, Pyxus International
Vice President Marketing North America, FIGR Brands Inc
Co-Founding Managing Member, Artemis Growth Partners
Chief Innovation Officer, Vertosa
Chief Strategy Officer, Flower One
Founder & CEO, Helius Therapeutics
Journalist, VICE
Managing Director, Equity Research, Credit Suisse
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Prohibition Partners
Chairman & CEO, Innoviom
Managing Director, Little Green Pharma
Founder, iCan
Board Advisor, MAPS & International Lawyer, Ad Lucem Law
TedX Speaker & SXSW Board Advisor
CEO, Cannvalate
Founder & Managing Partner, Superba Holdings
Founder & CEO, Fast Flower Farms
Corporate Agronomist, TriEst Ag Group
Senior Analyst, Prohibition Partners
Researcher, Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group
CEO, Altum International
Senior Researcher, CDPRG
Cannabis Reporter, Politico
Executive Chairman, BDSA
Chief Revenue Officer, Hypur
Founder & CEO, Asia Horizon
Co-Founder & CEO, The Blinc Group
Journalist, The Spectator
Partner, Gama Gloria
Chief Financial Officer, Fotmer Life Sciences
Co-Founder and Former CEO, Canndoc-Pharma
Founder & CEO, GreenWave Advisors
CEO, Diamond Therapeutics
Pharmaceutical Lead, The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis

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