Prohibition Partners LIVE – Day Four Preview

Prohibition Partners LIVE - Day FOUR PREVIEW - Culture & Innovation

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It's the final day of Prohibition Partners LIVE. The focus of today is to explore the breadth of Culture & Innovation within the Cannabis and Psychedelic industries; concluding our final event of the year. Over the past three days you’ve had the chance to meet, learn and connect with the leading figures in the industry. Expect sessions with cultural icons and innovators who are already reading the market - so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Cannabis Europa

To begin proceedings, Stephen Murphy, the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Prohibition Partners will give us a head start on what to expect from the Culture & Innovation day and introduce us to some of the key speakers. 

Our first panel of the day at 13:45 GMT will take a closer look at the world of cannabis use amongst high-performance athletes. In Is CBD changing elite sport across the globe? we’ll be joined by former professional rugby player Ed Williamson and former professional soccer player and Co-Founder of Mendi, Rachael Rapinoe. In this compelling panel, moderated by broadcaster and journalist Charlie Webster, we’ll discuss the positive impact cannabis products have had on athletes in a range of key sports; such as rugby and soccer. This panel also aims to tackle (no pun intended) some of the negative attitudes towards usage, look at the unique properties Cannabis holds for pain therapy in sports and how to navigate the perception of CBD moving forward. 

Next on the Cannabis Europa stage we’ll be looking into the future. What will the cannabis industry look like in 2030? At 14:30 GMT we ask the leading figures in the industry to share their vision for the future, trends and predictions. Hear directly from experts like Amelia Middlemiss the Director of Project Twenty21, Benjamin Patock the Head of International Relations at Boveda, Zack Grossman the Vice President of Marketing for FIGR Brands and Shane Duncan the Chief Operating Officer of Cann Group Limited. This engaging panel will be moderated by The Weekly Chronicle’s Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Jameson Berkow.

Cannabis Americana 

Are you growing your own product? At 15:30 GMT we’ll find out why there’s been a boom of small businesses, patients and activists growing their own ‘craft cannabis’. In Grow Your Own: The Craft Cannabis Movement we speak to Canndoc-Pharma’s Roei Zerahia and Johanna Silver the author of “Growing Weed in the Garden: A No-Fuss, Seed-to-Stash Guide to Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation” to discuss the importance of this movement and see if there is a commercial opportunity around it. This panel will be moderated by El Planteo’s CEO and CO-Founder Javier Hasse

Next on the Cannabis Americana stage, is cannabis having its red carpet moment? TV, film and streaming network producers just can’t seem to get enough of the cannabis revolution. At 16:15 GMT, join David Jakubovic from Mad Machine Films and director of the brilliant CBD Nation, Ronin Conent’s Joshua Otten and moderator Kevin EG Perry from VICE to find out what’s next.

Is cannabis the missing herb in the kitchen? Join leading cannabis chefs, restaurateurs and food industry experts at 17:15 GMT for our panel Cooking with Cannabis. Joining us is Elise McDonough, CannaCraft Brand Manager at Satori Confections and Edible Dee, the Executive Cannabis Chef and Author who has been collaborating with hip-hop artist, patient and cannabis activist b-Real of Cypress Hill and making medicinal cannabis edibles since 2006. Together, we’ll be assessing whether edible cannabis products are just a trend or the next culinary mainstay. This fascinating discussion will be moderated by cannabis Alchemist and Author Warren Bobrow. 

At 18:00 GMT we speak  with Al Harrington, the former NBA basketball player turned cannabis activist and entrepreneur. Together with moderator and Politico reporter Mona Zhang, we’ll find out how Harrington became an active figure in the cannabis industry and discuss his plan for the industry to focus on increasing minority ownership, reinvesting in communities and creating opportunity through social equity. 

Closing the Cannabis Americana stage and wrapping up this season’s Prohibition Partners LIVE, at 20:15 GMT we end on a real high as we’re joined by Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Carlos Santana. We know and cherish Santana as a musical artist, but did you know about his latest venture in the cannabis world? Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this legendary guitarist and find out more about his own cannabis brand Mirayo by Santana. This interview will be moderated by Prohibition Partners’ Event and Programme Director Matt Freemantle.


Can Psychedelics Reconnect us with Nature? At 18:45 GMT, we will look at how we can improve our relationship with the environment around us. In light of the anthropocene, we ask key speakers like Eddie Jacobs, a University of Oxford Research Fellow at the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities, Irie Selkirk Co-Founder and Director of Sansero Life Sciences and Rise Wellness Retreat, Ingrid Autran, Medical Doctor at EmmaSofia and moderator Aimee Tollan, the Co-Director of Breaking Convention to discuss how reconnecting to nature can boost our wellbeing. 

Next, on the PSYCH stage, we discover the science behind why LSD, Mushrooms and MDMA have always been associated with creativity and positivity. Join the panel Positivity, Creativity & Psychedelics at 19:30 GMT and meet Ronan Levy the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Field Trip Health Ltd and Professor Guy Goodwin, the Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford to learn how psychedelics affect the brain and what applications these psychedelics could have beyond the treatment room.

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