Pharmin is one of the most promising companies in Latin America and an important partner for Prohibition Partners in the region. Based in Uruguay and planning to export non-psychoactive products worldwide in Q4 2020, Pharmin will at the same time be working on obtaining EU-GMP certifications, with the aim of exporting both psychoactive and non-psychoactive EU-GMP certified products in Q1 2021.

"Prohibition Partners helped us boost our brand awareness in Latin America, and we hope to leverage their European platform and network to increase our digital presence in Europe, our soon-to-be market" – Ana Kobalia, CEO

Pharmin, active since June 2019, is based in the Zonamerica free trade area, leveraging its position. The company’s cultivation takes place in its GACP-built hydroponic 2.3-hectare greenhouse with over 40 tonnes annual capacity via a seed-to-sale traceability business model. Pharmin’s potential comes from a diverse and experienced team, with entrepreneurs from abroad and a solid relationship with local partners. This commitment and passion allowed Pharmin to obtain in August 2020 its licences from the Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA). Pharmin has a diversified product range, including isolates and distillates, as well as end goods such as tinctures and soft gel pills, obtained in its state-of-the-art ultra-low-temperature ethanol extraction laboratory, which was built to GMP standards in a sterile and safe environment.

Pharmin recently announced a partnership with Brazilian strategic regulatory company ReMederi, aiming, from January 2021, to bring its high-quality cannabis products to its neighbour – the largest Latin American market.

The Pharmin team will be joining the Cannabis Americana stream at Prohibition Partners LIVE to share their knowledge and exciting plans for the Latin American and European markets.

Join Prohibition Partners LIVE 17–20 November to find out about the trends worldwide and the latest Latin American developments, as well as hearing the perspectives of our expert speakers and leveraging the network of attendees working in all fields of the cannabis and hemp industry who are making space for the new developments.