Global cannabis community set to converge in wake of US elections


Prohibition Partners LIVE announces the return of ProCapital, a partnership with MAZAKALI

Prohibition Partners LIVE, in partnership with MAZAKALI, is delighted to return on November 17-20 with ProCapital, an exclusive investment-focused platform showcasing exciting opportunities across the international cannabis and psychedelics landscape.

To pitch your business to seasoned entrepreneurs, network with the industry's most influential investment advisors and access market trends before anyone else.

Deadline: October 31st

With the November elections exactly 3 weeks away, the US is facing a pivotal point in its long and turbulent history of cannabis prohibition. Medical cannabis is now legal in two-thirds of the country and recreational sales are legal in 11 states and the District of Columbia. This November 3, voters in five states will decide whether to adopt either new medical or recreational cannabis laws or, perhaps, both in the case of one state. If the new bills were to pass, advocates expect it to have a domino effect on the rest of the country.

Perhaps more importantly, November 3 may also spark a change in the presidency. US-listed cannabis shares surged last week after Democratic vice president nominee Kamala Harris promised to decriminalise cannabis at a federal level under a Biden administration, with odds now favouring the former Vice President. The Nasdaq and the London Stock Exchange are both preparing themselves for a new wave of cannabis investment with a number of companies expected to go public over the next 18 months.

"It has been a turbulent year for the cannabis industry. Many sectors have moved from ‘illegal’ to ‘essential’ in the matter of weeks, supply chains have been revolutionised and investors have transitioned from cautious to buoyant about the future of the cannabis market.

"Many countries, including the US, are expecting a big change in the way they regulate cannabis and this is undoubtedly leading to a new wave of cannabis investment opportunities as we begin to approach what we call ‘Cannabis 3.0’, a truly global and technologically advanced cannabis marketplace. That is why we are delighted to be working with MAZAKALI, a company that consistently demonstrates clear market leadership in the US investment landscape and brings guidance, clarity and confidence back to investors and operators across the globe.“

“As more societies witness cannabis legalization’s immense positive impact on food, fuel, fiber, medicine, climate change, social justice, civil rights and cognitive liberties, the cost of vilifying this ancient herb becomes increasingly burdensome. The wave of legalization is firmly beyond its tipping point, making the end of nearly a century of prohibition and propaganda a pure inevitability. We will undoubtedly reflect on this dark period as an absolute aberration of rational thought."

Stephen Murphy, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Prohibition Partners.

"A high growth, recession-resistant asset class with low correlations and established demand, cannabis legalization results in meaningful impact on a vast number of industries including pharma, alcohol, tobacco, hospitality, leisure and dining.

"General perceived risk remains higher than actual risk, and immense portfolio alpha occupies the space between the two. We expect cannabis to be the best-performing asset class over the next decade, and expect no industry to remain untouched by it in the years to come. We share this philosophy with Prohibition Partners and are delighted to showcase this generational wealth creation and impact opportunity on a global stage.”

Sumit Mehta, Founder and CEO of MAZAKALI.

Sumit Mehta, Founder, MAZAKALI

On November 19-20, investors, operators, and entrepreneurs from all over the world will gather together on one digital platform to connect with the brightest and most innovative businesses operating across the international plant-based medicines and psychedelics industries. 

For the organisations operating in these new and rapidly developing markets, ProCapital offers the opportunity to attract investment, and gain all-important guidance from those at the cutting edge of the cannabis and psychedelics industries.

MAZAKALI’s leadership team began putting capital to work into cannabis in 2014 and offers full scale digital capital raising and investment services across the cannabis complex (Hemp, Real Estate, Supply Chain, Ancillary, International). A Registered Investment Adviser, MAZAKALI manages customized, Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) for pioneering investors. Individual and institutional investor clients enjoy tailored portfolio management led by the industry's first Outsourced Cannabis Investment Officer (OCIO) team. Operators work with licensed Investment Bankers to utilize Capital Raise and M&A services. All come together on the Digital Capital Platform. Securities are offered via a registered Broker/Dealer.

By shepherding capital in a responsible and ethical manner, MAZAKALI and its clients envision a world where capital investment will play a significant role Beyond Impact. Now in its fifth year of publication with over 50,000 subscribers from 70 countries, the MAZAKALI GreenPaper® has gained authority through knowledge on deep trends in the industry that matter to investors and operators alike.

Prohibition Partners LIVE connects you to the global cannabis industry from anywhere in the world. This November 17 - 20, Prohibition Partners LIVE is bringing together the global cannabis and psychedelics community for a virtual week of disruptive debates and global networking. We deliver disruptive debate, transformative knowledge and truly global networking to help unite these growth markets, without the risk of travel. Share insights, ideas and solutions and help shape the future of cannabis and psychedelics.