Prohibition Partners LIVE returns this November with global cannabis conference

Cannabis market set to offer welcome relief during global recession

23/09/2020 – London

In the wake of COVID-19 the international economy remains in freefall as we face the most significant recession, with almost every international market experiencing the highest rate of GDP decline since the 1960s. As a result, economists, analysts and entrepreneurs are looking for the next true growth market to help reboot reeling markets and create sustainable growth across the consumer goods industry.

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At the beginning of lockdown, overall consumer spending dropped by a third, however demand for cannabis and CBD skyrocketed as patients and consumers stockpiled in response to isolation measures and sought to manage anxieties and stress during the period. Now, with reports of consumer spending on the recovery, the cannabis market is expected to experience further growth, particularly as consumers seek to focus on indulgences and convenience.

With adult-use sales reaching record highs in North America, international lawmakers and economists will certainly look at the global cannabis market in a bid to revitalise ailing economies. In 2017 there were less than 10 legal cannabis markets in the world, today there is just under 50, highlighting a sweeping acceptance and adoption of cannabis globally.

However, there is a lot of work to be done, the market is still rife with misinformation and a lack of global data and outdated regulations has limited growth. As a result, Prohibition Partners LIVE is bringing together over 1500 delegates from every corner of the globe, for a week-long virtual series of disruptive debate and global networking set to help shape the future of psychedelics and cannabis.

Set to take place November 17-20, the series will see politicians, business leaders and cultural icons share information, exchange ideas and push forward regulatory change across four key tracks:

  • Cannabis Europa – Shaping the future of cannabis in Europe, Cannabis Europa will take a deep look at the future of cannabis in Europe; sustainability farming, personalised medicine and future adult-use markets across the continent.
  • Cannabis Americana – Unlocking growth in the world’s most advanced cannabis markets, Cannabis Americana will explore record recreational sales, future-proofing cannabis businesses and how cannabis is disrupting FMCG markets.
  • Cannabis Oceania – Accelerating development across APAC, Cannabis Oceania will explore how cannabis firms can unlock potential in Asia and how Australian firms are faring on the international scene.
  • PSYCH – Unlocking the commercial potential of psychedelics, PSYCH will examine how new therapies are tackling the mental health pandemic, why microdosing is set to disrupt the mainstream and how legislation is expected to develop in seminal markets.

“There has never been a time where the demand for cannabis has been higher, from record sales to groundbreaking research being released, the future of cannabis looks very bright. Despite a pending recession, cannabis will remain one of the few true growth industries and that should be of interest to investors and governments alike.

“Having received such a rapturous reception with our inaugural conference in June, with over 1500 delegates joining to share ideas, spark innovation and promote change, we couldn’t wait to be back. We believe that cannabis has the power to change the world for the better and in such a rapidly moving industry which requires constant education, regulatory clarity and international collaboration and Prohibition Partners LIVE offers the building blocks for this incredible community.”

Stephen Murphy, Managing Director of Prohibition Partners.

Each day will see thought leaders and innovators deep-dive into key sectors within the industry:

Exploring the most exciting scientific developments across cannabis and psychedelics; sustainable farming, personalised medicine, artificial intelligence in the supply chain and many many more.

Politicians, healthcare experts and business leaders help shape the future of cannabis and psychedelics. How will the UN vote on CBD? Is federal legislation on the horizon? How do we build sustainable industries?

Giving entrepreneurs, investors and operators the edge in this rapidly-moving market, we showcase how cannabis is disrupting the mainstream and identifying key commercial opportunities across the supply chain.

The cannabis industry is transitioning into the next stage of development. Explore how cultural icons and innovators are reading the market so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Tickets are on sale now HERE.

Stay tuned for more information.


Prohibition Partners LIVE is the number one virtual cannabis conference, connecting you to the international cannabis industry from anywhere in the world. This November 17th – 20th, Prohibition Partners LIVE is bringing together the global cannabis and psychedelics community for a virtual week of disruptive debates and global networking. We deliver disruptive debate, transformative knowledge and truly global networking to help unite these growth markets, without the risk of travel.