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Memery Crystal is a specialist international law firm, based in London, and is recognised as the leading full-service UK law firm in advising the cannabis sector.

The UK cannabis sector may be in its relative infancy, but Memery Crystal has already established itself at the centre of the space. Memery Crystal has come to understand the language of this new industry and applies this knowledge to the firm’s existing legal expertise across all areas of its practice, including business set-up, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, private fundraising, licensing and commercial contracts.

Memery Crystal operates a dedicated cannabis team, which is strongly committed to supporting the growth of the industry. The firm is the exclusive legal partner of The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC), the UK’s first and only industry-based membership body for business and investors operating in cannabis-based medicinal products and cannabidiol wellness markets. From this partnership, Memery Crystal has gained significant market intelligence and remains close to what is being discussed in the market.

‘Memery Crystal has been engaged in the emerging cannabis sector for over two years now, and from that we have gathered significant insight into who is active in the space, both as investors and corporates. We acted on the listing of one of the first cannabis investment companies onto the NEX Exchange, Ananda Developments.

‘Being involved in the sector early on has meant that we understand the market and the legal challenges it’s facing and how those are evolving. We continue to fight for patient access to the medicinal cannabis they need, as well as ensuring that our clients achieve their ambitions in this fast-growing and innovative sector.’ — Nick Davis, CEO and Corporate Partner of Memery Crystal

As an early mover in the cannabis law sector, Memery Crystal will be joining Prohibition Partners LIVE to share insights accumulated over years of experience in advising the cannabis sector.

Join Prohibition Partners LIVE on 22 – 23 June to discover the latest developments in the European cannabis sector, learn from our world-renowned speakers, and engage with our network of industry-leading professionals who are pushing boundaries in the cannabis space.