Prohibition Partners LIVE: A Preview

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The demand for cannabis is growing as regulators deem the drug an essential good under new lockdown orders, with consumers and patients keen to stockpile supplies to last in isolation. This unprecedented swell in legal cannabis sales has demonstrated the potential of cannabis to be an avenue for growth in a post COVID-19 economy. With Prohibition Partners LIVE, the ever-widening body of cannabis industry professionals will have the opportunity to connect with operators, entrepreneurs, and new entrants to the cannabis space to share their learnings, and to collectively shape the future of the industry.

Prohibition Partners LIVE will take place on 22–23 June, and will feature live-streamed keynotes and panel talks from over 150 CEOs, policymakers and cultural leaders across five virtual stages: Cannabis Europa, Cannabis Americana, Cannabis Oceania, PSYCH: The Psychedelics Symposium, and ProCapital. Here we take a deeper look at the key themes and topics across our virtual stages.


Cannabis Europa

Cannabis Europa exists to shape the future of cannabis in Europe through thought-leadership conferences, networking, and opening educational dialogues. For the first time in its history, the prestigious European cannabis industry event will be delivered online as a part of Prohibition Partners LIVE.


Day 1 of the Cannabis Europa virtual event stage will open with a talk exploring cannabis policy reform efforts in Europe, followed by two talks discussing recent technological innovations in the European cannabis space and how to raise capital as a European startup.

Cannabis Europa audiences can expect to hear from a panel of experts and thought leaders — including João Castel-Branco Goulão, architect of Portugal's drug decriminalisation policy and the former Chairman of EMCDDA, and Professor David Nutt, former chief drugs advisor to the UK government— as they discuss the practicalities of building a successful national cannabis programme and the role that the social and criminal justice system should play in the context of cannabis law reform.

Day 1 will kick off the start of the Impact series — a sequence of talks being given over both days of the conference examining the role of cannabis as a disruptor in the traditional pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and drinks, and petcare industries. Join the likes of Pepsico, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever and co. as we discuss cannabis’ role in the consumer goods industry.

 Joining the Impact talks on Day 2 are panel discussions on CBD consumer products, CBD and the European novel foods law, and the role of cinema and celebrities in shaping the public’s perception of cannabis, with expert insight provided by Lorenza Romanese, MD of the European Industrial Hemp Association, and Steph Sherer, president and director of innovations for the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute as well as speakers from leading brands across the continent.

Cannabis Americana

The Cannabis Americana track at Prohibition Partners LIVE will bring together leaders from the world’s most advanced cannabis economies to share their knowledge, insights, and intelligence gained with the global market. Speakers and panelists on the Cannabis Americana virtual event stage include: Steve D’Angelo, ‘father of the cannabis industry’ and chairman of Harbourside Inc.; Kim Rivers, CEO of Truelieve Cannabis Corp.; Robert Galarza, CEO of TruTrace; and many more.


This event track will explore the state of cannabis regulation in North America through numerous talks and discussions over issues such as the UN’s postponement of its CBD rescheduling vote, the impact that federal cannabis legalisation could have on the US, the status of CBD regulation and enforcement, and the acceptance of medical cannabis in traditionally conservative states. Also featured on Day 1 is an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on cannabis and technology, a look at the relationship between music and cannabis, two business-focussed talks examining the changing capital markets in North America and a seminar on how to build a successful cannabis brand.

Day 2 at Cannabis Americana will open with an overview of the cannabis space in Latin America and the Caribbean, and a talk on the shift in investor behaviour towards new frontier geographies. Following an Impact series talk on cannabis and alcohol, the Cannabis Americana track will conclude with an examination of global cannabis consumer patterns, the future of hemp, sustainability in the American cannabis market, and how professional athletes are changing the public’s perception of cannabinoid-based products.

Cannabis Oceania

The Asia-Pacific cannabis market is fast emerging as a global contender within the cannabis sector. The curated one day Cannabis Oceania track at Prohibition Partners LIVE builds on many of the themes identified in Prohibition Partners’ recently released report, The Oceania Cannabis Report: Second Edition, with talks focussing on the key markets of Australia and New Zealand, and their role as a gateway to the Asian cannabis market. Building on this, an additional expert talk will be dedicated to discussing the opportunities within the Japanese market and the realities of doing business there.

Industry leaders, academics, and legislation experts will also come together in a series of talks and panels to discuss the cannabis legalisation campaigns in New Zealand and Australia, the cutting-edge cannabinoid research being conducted in the Asia-Pacific region, and how developments in both of these areas might affect current licensing and product development structures in place in the region. Hear expert insight from the likes of Peter Comerford, CEO of Anspec and MD for Australia & APAC with The Flowr Corporation, and Fleta Solomon, MD of Little Green Pharma, with Cannabis Oceania.

PSYCH: The Psychedelics Symposium

Medical psychedelics are rapidly disrupting modern healthcare. Once the darling of the medical community, medical psychedelics are experiencing a renaissance, pushing forward the frontiers of healthcare innovation.


PSYCH: The Psychedelics Symposium provides a platform for the scientists and business leaders working at the forefront of the psychedelics space to present their latest findings and expert analysis on this unique industry.

Confirmed speakers and panelists for PSYCH: The Psychedelics Symposium include: George Goldsmith, CEO of Compass Pathways; Robert W.E. Lawrie, board advisor to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Canada and founder of Ad Lucem Law Corp.; JR Rahn, founder of MindMed; Amanda Feilding, Director of the Beckley Foundation; and may more.

Presented across both days of Prohibition Partners LIVE, the PSYCH stream will open with an introduction to psychedelics medicine, presented by the Prohibition Partners analysts who brought you PSYCH: The Psychedelics as Medicine Report. Following this, attendees will hear from leading scientists and academics on the current research into psychedelics as a treatment for high-prevalence conditions such as substance use disorders and treatment resistant depression.

One of the major developing areas for the psychedelics space is the use of psychedelics in psychotherapy. The PSYCH stream will feature two talks on this exciting area, exploring the importance of environment and mindset in these types of therapies, and discussing potential future provisions relating to patient access, supply chain management, and regulatory measures. An additional session will also explore the numerous psychedelic decriminalisation initiatives that have been successful in the United States, and how these movements have found success, and what the rest of the world can learn from them.

Looking to the future, PSYCH: The Psychedelics Symposium will also discuss the use of psychedelics outside of a clinical setting in the health and wellness market, the next steps for investors interested in the sector, and the future landscape for psychedelic medicine moving forward into the next decade.

ProCapital, in partnership with MAZAKALI

Presented in partnership with MAZAKALI, ProCapital is an exclusive investment-focused two day interactive forum that will showcase investment opportunities across the international plant-based medicines (PBM) space that includes cannabis and psychedelics.

Prohibition Partners and MAZAKALI will each provide an introduction and an industry update to open the ProCapital event stream. From there, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from leading investment and industry data experts on the key trends which are shaping the global cannabis space and how to capitalise on the PBM phenomenon. Presentations from leading industry data providers will give ProCapital attendees actionable insights into the PBM space, with other talks providing a comprehensive overview of cannabis as an alternative asset class, the state of the public cannabis markets, and the current cannabis landscape in North America.

Powered by MAZAKALI’s Digital Capital Investment Platform, ProCapital will also feature several real-time investment sessions, where participants can ask questions, schedule meetings with, and make direct investments into some of the most exciting private and public cannabis companies on Day 1 of the event.

On Day 2, ProCapital will offer a more in-depth study of the evolving psychedelics investment landscape and the cannabis technology sector, and will once again feature several real-time investment sessions powered by MAZAKALI’s Digital Capital Investment Platform, this time showcasing opportunities in the psychedelics sector and in the businesses that support the global cannabis supply chain.

Concluding ProCapital, both CEOs from Prohibition Partners LIVE and MAZAKALI will comment on the highlights from two action-packed and investment-focused days, and leave attendees with options to network, connect and invest with the people and companies that brought their expertise and opportunities to ProCapital.

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On 22-23 June, Prohibition Partners LIVE will bring together delegates from every corner of the globe to share their knowledge, gain insight, and shape the future of cannabis.

Confirmed speakers for the event include international politicians, FTSE 500 executives, and industry leaders such as Bruce Linton, founder and former CEO of Canopy Growth; CJ Wallace, son of Notorious BIG and founder of Think Big; João Castel-Branco Goulão, the architect of Portugal's drug decriminalisation and former Chairman of EMCDDA; Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve and many more.

Early-bird tickets for Prohibition Partners LIVE are on sale now for a limited time. To view the agendas for all five Prohibition Partners LIVE conference streams, click here.